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Reach Mysore

The nearest airport to Mysore is at Bangalore. Bangalore is connected by air by all the international airports in India. There are many flights every day to Bangalore from these airports.


Bangalore Bus Station / Railway Station is 20 Km from Airport and takes about 40 minutes to reach either Bus or Railway Station. Prepaid taxies are available at airport for reaching Bus/Railway station, which costs around Rs.200/- ($5). Prepaid taxies are also available at airport to reach Mysore, which costs approximately Rs. 1200/- ($25).
Mysore is 140 Km away from Bangalore and is well connected by road and by rail. There are many trains & buses from Bangalore for Mysore. It takes two to three hours depending on the type of train. Following are few trains recommended.
Bangalore to Mysore Train Timings
Name of the Train
Fare A/C
MYSORE EXPRESS 04:00 07:10 Rs. 333*
MYSORE EXPRESS 04:50 08:00 Rs. 333*
Kumbakonam Express - Mysore Exp 06:00 09:20 Rs. 333*
Tuticorin - Mysore Exp 07:00 10:10 Rs. 333*
Tirupati Passenger - Mysore Pass 07:30 10:45 Rs. 220*
MYSORE EXP 10:30 14:00 Rs. 544*
Shatabdi Express (exc wev) 11:00 13:00 Rs. 595*
Jaipur Express 
Rs. 348*
Tippu Express
Rs. 333*
Chamundi Express
Rs. 333*
Rs. 333
Mysore Passenger
Rs. 80
  *-1st Class

The ordinary second class & chair car fare is 90/- in all the above trains.

Bangalore to Mysore Volvo Bus Timings

Airavat - Volvo Bus
Fare A/C
06.30 Rs. 150*
07.30 Rs. 150*
08.30 Rs. 150*
09.30 Rs. 150*
10.30 Rs. 150*
13.00 Rs. 150*

There are buses every twenty minutes from Bangalore to Mysore, which takes around three and a half hours to reach Mysore. Different types of buses are available: Ordinary (Rs. 56/-), Semi-luxury (Rs. 76/-) , Luxury (Rs.102/-) & Airavat (Volov) AC(150/-).

Besides these premier services, every five minutes there is a bus from non-stop platforms at both ends between 05:30 and 21:30 hours

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