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CIIL Staff

Educational Qualification Areas of interest
Previous Teaching and Research Experience: Major Publications: Books:
Current Responsibilities Papers
Current Projects Specific Interests and Hobbies

Educational Qualification:
M.A. in Linguistics (Bombay University)1979
M.A. in Marathi (Bombay University)1981

Current Responsibilities:
  • Teaching Marathi to regular non Marathi teacher trainees
  • Conducting follow-up programmes for Marathi teacher trainees
  • Organizing Orientation Programmes for teachers teaching Marathi as  second language
  • Correspondence Course in Marathi -working as a Coordinator of the Contact-cum-Correspondence Course in Marathi from January, 1998
  • Teaching Marathi to American students in AIIS as a language expert

Current Projects:
· Devleoping Academic Programmes in Communication

Areas of interest
(1) Teaching &Training in Marathi as Second language and Mother tongue
(2) Instructional Material Production
(3) Dialects of Marathi
(4) Lexicography

Major Publications: Books:
  • Papers:
    Presented a paper on The difficulties in teaching Marathi as second language, to non Marathi speakers in the Seminar conducted by Pune University in January, 1999.

    The paper is published in the book entitled -Marathiche Bhavitavya' January,2001.

Specific Interests and Hobbies
  Reading & Writing.


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