Nagaland IPCL Primers


Central Institute of Indian Languages conducted a Workshop to prepare Literacy primer I in 12 Naga Languages, at Dimpapur in the month of Feb - 1994. The languages represented were Rengma, Chang, Konyak, Sema, Kuki, Chokri, Zeme, Yimchungru, Lotha, Phom, Angami and Sangtam. The Workshop was organised in collaboration with Directorate of School education of Nagaland. Two language officers from each language were deputed by the Nagaland Directorate to write the books. Besides these writers three artists were also deputed.

There are sixteen major tribes in Nagaland. Each tribe speak their own mother tongue. Each language is unintelligable to other language, hence they developed a pidginised language called "Nagamese". Their state official language is English. Roman script is adopted for orthographic representation for all languages. Out of twelve primers, ten primers are produced satisfactorily. Two viz,, Sangtam and Phom needs some revision.

As far as orthography is concerned, we have arranged Roman script as follows. The capital letters are introduced in the IPCL Primer I. Small letters will be introduced in IPCL Primer II. The natural mixing up of capital and small letters will be introduced in Primer III.  Before adopting this system, we looked in to the possibility of following the model introduced by RRC Nehu for Ao Primers.   In that Primer the capital letters and its equivalent small letters are given side by side. As literacy aims at recognition of visual form of orthography, this method might burden the learner and often leads to confusion.  Hence the type of gradation mentioned above is followed.