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Aims and Objectives Looking ahead, from the Director's pen CIIL :
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The dynamics of change over the past decade created a bewildering variety and combination of academic institutions. Differences in size and quality, ranging from large institutions with satisfactory levels of quality to very small entities with questionable standards, and any number of combinations between these extremes, are evident. In the past, the discourse on educational policy placed coverage and quality as alternatives to each other. But in the new environments, I think it is imperative that both these objectives be reaffirmed. Otherwise, we risk abandoning educational standards in favour of meeting merely the needs of the market. There is no doubt that, having set high standards, CIIL stands out in the middle of these institutions. We at CIIL would, therefore, like to see that the institutions that deal with sensitive subjects like 'Language and Society--.should reaffirm their social commitments and contribute to our national development planning activity by emphasizing on a seven-pronged strategy in the coming years:
  1. Literacy level among women in India being alarmingly low, it will be necessary to expand our school education system so as to introduce and include as many languages as possible, so that the girl children are educated in their own languages. For this purpose, CIIL should take lead in studying and preparing materials in as many minority and tribal languages as possible

  2. It should be a special endeavour of CIIL to promote and document the endangered languages of India, which are very much a part of India's plural cultural heritage.

  3. Special drives will be undertaken to promote literary and other creative activities in minority Languages of India

  4. A Special effort will be made by the CIIL to implement the Constitutional provision to enrich Hindi as the official language as well as a language of national importance, by relating Hindi with other major modern Indian Languages and by drawing from the lexical resources of these languages.

  5. Indian languages will be related to the advancements being made in the area of Information Technology. To achieve that, Language Technology will be given the required push to create specialised softwares in Indian languages, on-line courses in language teaching, and devleopment of translation tools,etc.

  6. t will be our effort to make the new generation aware of our rich literary and linguistic heritage through translation of contemporary and classical texts, and also by creating a Manuscriporium of the Contemporary writing in Indian Languages, and

  7. The traditional knowledge bases and learning systems available in our Sanskritic and Perso-Arabic tradition will be researched into and promoted to make them useful for application in modern day society.
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