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Reader cum Research Officer
Educational Qualification Areas of interest
Previous Teaching and Research Experience: Major Publications: Books:
Current Responsibilities Curriculum Vitae
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Educational Qualification:
M.A.,(1973) and Ph. D (1983) in Linguistics - 'A Descriptive Analysis of Yerava'- is published and got the award for the 'Best Monograph on Dravidian Tribes' in the year 1995 by the International School of Dravidian Languages

Previous Teaching and Research Experience:
Teaching :
Taught Kannada to those who do not know Kannada through the distance as well as face to face mode; effective language teaching methods to the Kannada teachers of primary, secondary schools and teacher educators of the Teacher training institutions and colleges; administrative Kannada courses to the Government employees.
Research :
Conducted research in applied linguistics , socioliguistics and tribal language. Prepared instructional materials to teach Kannada as mother tongue of the school children and as a second/foreign language to school children, general public, officials of the banks and the government officials. Also prepared monographs on effective language teaching methods.

Current Responsibilities:
As Academic Secretary co-ordinating the academic activities of the Institute, maintaining laison with officers in charge of various Research Groups and Service unists and assisting the Director.

Current Projects:
On the editorial board of -Dictionary of words barrowed from English into Kannada ; Annotated Glossary of Administrative Kannada terms; Preparation of model mother tongue CD book in Kannada.

Areas of interest:
Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics and Information Technology

Major Publications:
Vocabulary Education, Vagdevi pustakagalu, Mysore, 1985.
Language Use in Administration and National Integration, Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore,1986
Kannada baaradavarige ance muulaka Kannada paathagalu,lessons to teach Kannada to those government employees who do not know Kannada(reprinted 3 times, revised and reprinted in 1998), CIIL and Directorate of Kannada and Culture, Govt of Karnataka, 1985-86.
audyamika kannada, (with S.S.Yadurajan), on Industrial Kannada, CIIL and Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Ltd, 1989. Received the best administrative Kannada literature award by the Government of Karnataka, 1989.
samakaaliina, on using newspapers in language education, CIIL, Mysore, 2000

Papers :
A language movement in Karnataka, in Profiles in Indian Languages, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, 1985.
General and need based second language courses, International review of Applied linguistics, Vol 40, No.5, 1989.
The Eighth Schedule Languages - A Critical appraisal, in Language and the State: Perspectives in the Eighth Schedule, (ed)R.S.Gupta, Creative Books, New Delhi, 1995.
Kannada Development: An Overview, in Goals and Strategies of Development in Indian Languages (ed) B.D.Jayaram and K.S.Rajyashree. CIIL, Mysore, 1998.
shaikshanika karnataka - 1998, in Kannada adhyayana, Vol.5 No.4, Kannada University Hampi, 1999.
Evolution of Language Policy for Education in Karnataka. 2001 Papers in Applied Linguistics. Ed by K.S.Rajyashree and U.N.Singh .Mysore: CIIL.

Visit Abroad
Visited Munich, Germany during January 2003 to present a paper on 'Globalization and Indian Languages' in the International Conference on Maintaining Language Diversity in the Face of Globalization organized by the Eufo Institute, Germany.
Visited Budapest, Hungary to attend the Tenth Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL03) from April 12 to 17, 2003 to present a referred and accepted paper 'Corpora in Minor Languages of India: Some Issues' in the Workshop on "Computational Linguistics for South Asian Languages- Expanding Synergies"
Visited Regensburg, Germany during July 2003 to participate in the First Conference cum Presentation of "Inter-lingual communication by representing the mother tongue in COD" on July 5, 2003 at the Invitation of the eufo-Institute, Regensburg held at the University of Regensburg.

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