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Educational Qualification Areas of interest
Trained Seminars & Conferences
Current Responsibilities

Educational Qualification:
  • B.E. (Electronics & Communication)

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Natural Language Processing

Trained in :

Microsoft Certified System Engineer Course from Jetking, Mysore


E-Security  from Engineering Staff College of India, Hyderbad


Linux System Administration from C-DAC, Pune


Technology Standards from ESCI, Hyderbad


Internet 2 & IPv6 from ESCI, Hyderbad 


Network Security Administration  from ESCI, Hyderbad


Current Responsibilities :

Previous Responsibilities:


Incharge of Multimedia Laboratory, Maintenance of Electronic equipments of the Centre

  • Developed and hosted language learning websites for Bangla, Kannada, Tamil & Urdu.
  • Maintain Institute Web server, it hosts all the institute websites.
  • Developed language game CD for Tamil & Urdu. 

   In charge of  Computer unit, involves the following work

  • Installing, Configuring and administering Windows Web Server, 2000 Server, Professional, Windows XP/98.
  • Creating and Configuring Users and Groups on the Server and assigning appropriate permissions 
  • Data backup and restoration using external Hard disk, Tape Drive & CD Writer.   
  • Maintaining and trouble shooting of systems and peripherals.
  • Network cabling during installation of systems in new location. Trouble shooting existing cabling.
  • Installation of all necessary office related software, browsing software, Anti virus software in LAN as well as Stand-alone systems. 
  • Analysing, Budgeting, Reporting, Purchasing, Planning & installing whenever required.

Maintenance Engineer of LDCIL Project,

  • Supervising and coordinating the technical team of the project.
  • Team has developed the following projects and tools.
    • Automatic Transliterator
    • Frequency Analyzer
    • KWIC-KWOC Retriever
    • Speech Data Warehousing
    • Kannada Lipi
    • POS Annotation Tool
    • Unicode Converter
    • Pronunciation Dictionary
    • N-grams
    • Auto  Speech File NIST Manager
    • Batch File Operation
    • DOC to XML  Converter
    • Teacher Training Management System
    • Task Management System
    • Leave Management System
    • LDC-IL Finance Management System(FMS)
    • LDC-IL Salary Ledger
    • LDC-IL Website
    • CIIL Website

Areas of interest
Web page Design , programming , Computer Networking

Seminars & Conferences
Paper presented
  • Producing Second Language Teaching Materials in Tamil for Net –Format, Problems and Solutions, in TAMIL INTERNET 2003 Conference in Chennai .
  •  “POS Tagger for Indian Languages using Hybrid Approach” in “National Seminar on Lexical Resources and Applied Computational Techniques on Indian Languages”, Pondicherry  University, Puducherry (2010).
Participation in
  • Language Engineering Conference LEC-2002 at Hyderabad from 13-15th Dec 2002.
  • Tamil International Conference on Tamil Internet 2003 at Chennai from 21-25th Aug 03.
  • ICON 2004 & KBCS at Hyderabad from 20-22nd Dec 04.
  • Web Technologies by CDAC at Delhi from 10-11th Dec 05.
  • Online Urdu Development by NCPUL at Delhi from 27-28th Feb 06,  8-10th Apr 06 and 1-3rd  Aug 07.
  • E-Governance localization of Applications & Language Technology Standards by NIC at Bangalore , 8th Aug 06.
  • E-learn 2007, National seminar on e-Security education through e-learning by C-DAC, Noida at Delhi on 14th Dec 07.
  • Third International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing – IJCNLP2008 from 7-12 January 2008 at Hyderabad.
  • Spoken Language Technology, SLT-2008, International conference at Goa, from 15 to 18th Dec 08.
  • ICON -2008 at Pune from 20 to 22nd Dec 08.
  • National Conference on Multimedia Enhanced language Teaching (MELT-09) at Chennai from  7-8th Aug 09.
  • International Workshop on Spoken Language Prosody IWSLPR -2009 at C-DAC, Kolkata from 25 to 27th Nov 09.
  • ICON-2009 at Hyderabad from 14 to 17th Dec 09.
  • 5th Global Wordnet Conference (GWN-2010) at IIT Mumbai from 31 Jan to 4th Feb 10.
  • Urdu Online Development by NCPUL at Patiala on 8&9th April 10.
  • National Seminar on Lexical Resources and Applied Computational Techniques on Indian Languages at Pondicherry University on 4 & 5th Oct 10.
  • ICON-2010 at IIT, Khargpur from 8 -11 Dec 10.
  • WISSAP 2011 at IIT, Guwhati  from 8 -11 Jan 11.
  • W3C Meeting at DIT,MICT, Delhi from 5 Apr 11.
  • Evaluation Meeting of Sanskrit Wordnet at IIT,Bombay from 26 - 27 Aug 11.
  • ICON-2011 at Anna University, Chennai from 18 -19 Dec 11.
  • International Conference on Computational Linguistics at IIT,Bombay from 8 - 15 Dec 12.

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