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G. Vijayasarathi
Previous Teaching and Research Experience: Major Publications: Books:
Current Responsibilities Papers
Current Projects Specific Interests and Hobbies
Areas of interest

Previous Teaching and Research Experience:
Teaching Telugu as L2 for the last two decades

Current Responsibilities:
Imparting intensive inservice training to teachers in teaching/learning Telugu   preparing language institutional material, preparing proficiency tests, conducting   refresh courses; orientation programmes for Mother Tongue Teachers

Current Projects:
An introduction to Telugu script: reading and writing (semi programme), an   auto   institutional material, forthcoming publication, History of Andhra Country, a learners   Hand book

Area of interest
Second language teaching, Mother Tongue teaching, child languages acquisition sociolinguistics

Major Publications: Books:
  • Mother tongue text books of class IV & VI for the Indian state of Karnataka (Co-authored) Telugu.
  • Introduction to Telugu language, literature, Telugu land and its people (in english for distance learning mode)

Fiji Telugu, and analysis

Specific Interests and Hobbies
  Etimology of words

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